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For the past 45 summers our goal has been to improve your match play in spectacular locations and see the world as a student athlete. Tennis: Europe and North America is a unique combination of tennis, travel, tournament match play and quality coaching. You will travel with juniors from all over the country in an athletic team atmosphere and meet players from all over the world, making lifelong friends. It is opportunity for you to expand your horizons, learn life lessons and pursue success.
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Kameron had a great time and enjoyed the competition he was able to play against. As a parent, I could tell a big difference in his maturity level in conversation and his approach to competition.

Ken DeHart

Tennis: Europe is an amazing program that helped me develop my match play skills as well as make lifetime friends. I wouldn’t trade my three summers with Tennis: Europe and North America for anything.

Max Haigney

Jackie is back on the court and working hard to improve her game. She had an amazing summer on your trips! Honestly both of my girls had amazing experiences in both the United States and Europe. I can’t thank you enough. Not only did it give them a chance to focus on their tennis skills and see the world but they have made lifelong friendships. After the trips for the past four years, my girls have been visiting with friends from different parts country that they have made on your trips. Thank You!!!!!

Julie Morganroth

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