ITF Team, June 24th to July 10th

Should be ranked highly enough sectionally and nationally to qualify for admission to ITF Categories 4 or 5 tournaments.  We strongly recommend playing previous ITF tournaments since having ITF points vastly improves your chances for ITF acceptances.  Limited to a maximum of six (6) players.


Based on the 2016 ITF schedule of world junior ranking tournaments and depending on admission to the tournaments, our first week will be either in Frankfurt, Germany or, if interest warrants, in Jinan, China, both Grade 4 tournaments.  The second ITF week will provide a choice among the Corfu Cup on the Greek island, the Nike Junior International in Edinburgh, Scotland or at Leeuwenberg near The Hague, Holland.  Tennis: Europe has played previously at all three of these second week locations.  Each ITF has a singles qualifier, depending on the number of entries.  If you qualify, then you become eligible to enter doubles.  This team will have one full-time coach, highly skilled working with top-level junior players, and a Director or Assistant Director part of the trip.


This schedule is also based on the summer 2017 USTA National Junior Schedule; once the team is finalized, if players prefer other dates rather than June 24th to July 10th, we are happy to consider and revise, since we are committed to all participants competing at the major USTA national events. Price to be determined based on locations.