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 Recently attended a college sports panel discuss titled "Sports Tech and the Quantified Athlete."  The panelists included representatives of the NFL, Under Armour, and Adidas. The panel discussed cutting edge human to computer interfaces and wearable elctronics and how they were revolutionizing the way coaches recruit athletes the media creates content...and how fans use player tracking to get more deeply engaged in the game.  

     One of the more interesting parts of the discussion concerned the recent manufacture and use of "smartshirts."  "Fit Bit", the competitor which did not attend but which may be the industry leader, was among the pioneers of these shirts.  A player, tennis, football or otherwise, can now wear these shirts and then during and after a practice, a coach or fitness  trainer can look at the statistics which are generated and determined how fatigued a player is or how to alter or revise the practice drills.  Adidas humorously claimed credit for the Germans winning the World Cup in Brazil last year, since the German National Team trained daily wearing these smartshirts.  All these companies are planning an expansion of these smart shirt lines and they are already being used in tennis.  Besides the shirts, some new model tennis rackets are being offered with chips inserted in the handles which will measure various statistics when reviewed at the end of a match.

     What do you think?  Is this the wave of the future in sports including tennis?

The Player's Tribune

When Jeter of the Yankees retired a year ago, within a month he began an on-line website called "The Player's Tribune."  The goal was for athletes, who often complain about inaccurate media coverage in the press, TV or radio talk shows, could directly communicate to their fans.  For example, you can read the unedited version of what Jeter actually says.  The Player's Tribune in its first year has actually had lots of breaking news, as athletes avoid normal media outlets and instead announced retirements, marriages, injuries and other milestones on this website.  As Jaymee Messler, President of The Players' Tribute says:  "With our website, the athletes control their own narratives."  Check it out at:   (also on Facebook and Twitter)

Tennis: Europe Teams are Filling !

For those of you thinking about joining a Tennis: Europe team for summer 2016, teams are completed on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Several of our teams, even in this fall time period, are getting close to completion (which to us means 8 of one sex or 15 in total).  So, if you want that ticket to Wimbledon (Grand Slam Team) or to play at the spectacular Monte Carlo Country Club on the French Riviera (French Med/Espana/Holland Team), please get to us soon if those are the teams of your choice 1-800-253-7486.  Once filled, that particular team is no longer available, although other teams may still be.   And we make a great gift for the holidays !